ZE:A J to Release Its Third Album in Japan


[by Bae Jung Yun] A group ZE:A’s unit ZE:A J will release its third album in Japan.

On April 18, the group’s agency Star Empire said that ZE:A J, which organized with three members Kevin, Jung Hee Cheol and Kim Dong Jun, will release a new album and start its activity in Japan.

In 2015, the unit was organized with five members, Kevin, Jung Hee Cheol, Kim Dong Jun, Kim Tae Heon and Ha Min Woo. It released ‘Roulette’ and other songs and performed various activities in Japan and China. Continuously, because Ha Min Woo and Kim Tae Heon went to serve in the army at the end of 2015, the unit reorganized with three members.

Its third Japanese album ‘Just Tonight’ is a mini album includes the title song ‘Just Tonight’, which Kim Dong Jun participated in producing, ‘Eyes On You’ and other solo songs of each member. Particularly, all members participated in song writing, lyrics writing and producing the album and it is increasing people’s expectation.

The agency said, “ZE:A will continue its album activity with the unit. Members are participating in song writing and lyrics writing and increasing the completeness of the album. Please give a great attention to the group’s music activity along with its movie, drama and variety activities.”

Meanwhile, ZE:A J’s third Japanese album ‘Just Tonight’ will drop on April 20 at noon both in Korea and Japan. (photo by Star Empire)

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