Yuri – Eunjung – Moonbyul, Beauty Knowhow of Korean Idols who were Born in December


[by Choi Soo Jin/ translated by Yanchingsally Chu] What are the similarities of Yuri from Grils’ Generation, Eunjung from T-ara and Moonbyul from the hot girl group lately, Mamamoo?

The first thing is that they are all stars born in December and have a beautiful appearance and skin. Girls’ Generation’s Yuri, like her nickname ‘Black Pearl’, has a tanned, tight and elastic skin, while T-ara’s Eunjung and EXID’s Moonbyul are well-known for their white and supple skin.

What are the beauty know-hows of the stars who were born in December to keep their pretty face and skin? The ways to catch up with their skin will be introduced.

Girls’ Generation’s Yuri revealed her skincare tip is ‘lemon water’. She disclosed her knowhow on her SNS before, saying “Today is also time for the favorable water. Many people are curious about the way of making it. I make this with 500ml of sparkling water (all sparking water will do) + a lemon. Don’t drink less or more. Drink a bottle of it a day to get honey skin”.

Yuri has been drinking lemon water for more than a year. She added that we should brush our teeth 30 mins after drinking it as lemon has high acidity.

Lemon water is not only loved by Yuri but also Ha Ji Won who is the representative of baby-faced actress. She revealed in an interview, saying “I drink lots of water and mix it with lemon and honey to care for my skin. After starting this practice, I heard many people saying that my skin has become better”.

How about the whitening tips of T-ara’s Eunjung and Mamamoo’s Moonbyul who have fair skin? It is high intakes of vitamin C that is good for whitening.

Using green tea or rice water for cleansing is also one of the methods. Green tea and rice water prevent pigmentation and brighten up skin tone. In particular, rice water has been used regularly for skin whitening since long time ago.

Use them to clean your face twice a week. For rice water, instead of water used to wash the rice for the first time, use water that is used for washing the rice for the second time.

In addition, try using whitening beauty items to get light skin. LANCOME BLANC EXPERT is an essence lotion that provides both moisturizing and whitening functions. It builds a whitening and moisture layer in the skin to hydrate and clear up skin for a bright complexion even after a period of time.

Before using whitening products, do exfoliation. Dead skin cells prevent the whitening substances in functional products to be absorbed. Using exfoliator and whitening product at the same time can help perform skincare more effectively.GOLD COCOS RICH MOISTURE CREAM is an all-in-one product that performs basic skincare functions as a toner, a lotion and an eye cream, as well as an exfoliator. It supplies rich moisture and nutrients to the skin while removing dead skin cells without irritation, making it suitable for people who have sensitive skin in winter.

Bright eye area can lighten up your whole face. To have a white skin, care for your dark circles. DIOR CAPTURE TOTALE can reduce wrinkles, remove the traces of fatigue around the eyes and correct dark circles for bright and soft skin around your eyes. It is moisturizing and cares for the skin of the whole eye area. (photo by Royal Green Korea, LANCOME, DIOR, bntnews DB)

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