Yura and Lee Mal Nyeon to Broadcast Together


[by Bae Jung Yun] Webtoonist Lee Mal Nyeon and Girls’ Day Yura will demonstrate the joint broadcasting on MBC ‘My Little Television’.

Yura tried to call Hyeri from ‘Reply 1988’ as a surprise because of the endless requests from the viewers. Hyeri warmly greeted with the lines of Duk Sun as soon as she picked up the call and drew explosive reactions from the audiences.

Hyeri revealed her love for the webtoons by Lee Mal Nyeon and requested him to draw her. But, Yura quickly stopped her and set the table in a roar. Lee Mal Nyeon and Yura exchanged their equipment and completed Hyeri’s portrait and it caused the viewers to burst out laughing.

Moreover, they are going to draw a unique piece of collaboration work together, which fits the concept of broadcast. Especially, this work is recreated by redrawing Lee Mal Nyeon’s webtoon on Yura’s oil painting.

They also celebrated Valentine’s Day by drawing the scenery of Valentine’s Day. The artwork of Lee Mal Nyeon was extraordinary that went beyond the viewers’ expectations.

Meanwhile, ‘My Little Television’ will air on February 13 at 11:15pm KST. (photo by MBC)

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