You Want Light Base? This Will Be Perfect!


[by Yoon Ji Hye] The spring is in full bloom and the temperature is warming up to become a perfect weather for outdoor activities. But it is also the season when our skin dries out easily from the inside. Wearing thicker makeup just makes easier for it get patchy and loose adhesion.

If you want to make a light base makeup without worrying about patchiness during the spring season, let’s pay attention. We introduce a light base make-up method that gives a gentle glow while clearly covering the flaws.

01 Solid skincare for light base

To make base makeup lighter, basic solid skin care step must support it. If the skin is too dry, no matter how light the makeup product is used, it will soon be patchy and uneven.

However, if you have too many stages of skin care, you may feel that your skin is heavier and makeup will be sliding around. Therefore, after preparing the skin texture with a light toner product, use a moist cream that gives a deep moisturizing feeling with fresh finish, and it will provide a firm yet moisturizing skincare.

02 Let’s use Concealer for big blemishes

In order to keep the base makeup light, you will need to use a moisturizing foundation. However, this type of foundation will not fully cover all of the noticeable blemishes. So let’s use the concealer to keep the base makeup light while covering up the blemishes.

Apply a thin layer of concealer on the dark circles under the eyes, the red spots around the nose, and around the mouth. If you use a concealer brush, it can be applied even thinner. Small dots such as moles and freckles can be perfectly covered by using a pencil concealer.

03 Light base makeup with moisturizing cushion product

For base makeup, try using a cushion product that is lighter than foundation. Cushion products have moisturizing formulations rather than general foundations, so they are effective for making light base makeup and can provide a soft shine.

Using a CC cushion that helps moisturizing the skin with various moisturizing ingredients will help to complete a natural and glossy makeup. It is also easy to carry around so it is convenient to fixing your makeup throughout the day, and it won’t get thick even with multiple layers so it is perfect to use for base makeup.

01 KICHO SHEEP OIL CREAM 8 kinds of berries are added to lanolin ingredient extracted from young fleece to provide multi functions such as whitening and wrinkle care and moisture to skin without irritation.

02 BOBBI BROWN Concealer Kit A concealer to match the skin tone and a sheer pressed powder for enhanced durability are in one compact to make it easy to carry around and contains easy to use creamy concealer.

03 SHU UEMURA COVER CRAYON ‘Double-End’ pencil-type concealer for easy, quick and accurate skin blemish coverage.

04 KICHO AROHA GLOW CC CUSHION With excellent durability and coverage, you can make clear, bright skin all day long and deep sea water, western rose flower, shea butter and black ginseng extract are added to the finest New Zealand lanolin refined in Germany to create a CC cushion that makes your skin moist and healthy. (photo by KICHO, Bobbi Brown, Shu Uemura, bntnews DB)