‘You Are Beautiful3’ Jung Hyun Ah Is No Longer Old-looking After a Dramatic Change


[by Lee Hye Jung] Challenger of TV Chosun ‘You Are Beautiful3’, which is Korea’s healing beauty show for middle-aged women, Jung Hyun Ah’s dramatic change became a hot issue.

Jung Hyun Ah decided to appear in the show because of her face looking way older than her actual age, 40. Her eyes having sleepy look due to lid ptosis, saggy skin on face line, cheekbone, hooked nose and others were her sources of trouble.

Thus, JK Plastic Surgery’s Healing Doctors Kim Sung Shik, Bae Jun Sung, Kwon Sun Hong, and Baek Hye Won gathered altogether for Jung Hyun Ah’s change. They did full-face lifting on her face for younger look. At the same time, they underwent neck lifting and eyebag rearranging to complete a general baby face. Moreover, they reduced her cheekbone and had liposuction surgery for body balance to give a dramatic change.

Meanwhile, famous JK Plastic Surgery in Korea is equipped with aseptic operation room which applies US FED, STANDARD 209D, and possesses all the systems to cope with patient’s medical emergency such as emergency management team (CPR TEAM) for patients’ safety, emergency care equipment, and a system connected to general hospital. Also, it has held a great record of 0% of medical accidents for 20 years since its opening.

It tries to enhance patient satisfaction by offering systematic follow-up management after surgery. Also, it is known as a general plastic surgery center representing Korea, where anesthesiologist stays all the time. (photo by ‘You Are Beautiful3’ captured image)

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