Yoona-Tiffany-Taeyeon, What Are the Beauty Secrets of These Girls?


[by Shin Hyun Jung /translated by Kim Young shin] K-pop group Girls’ Generation members reached their tenth year together. So far, they kept the top position of the industry as a group and individuals. They could be called the K-pop queens.

They made their fans’ hearts flutter with the pure image of first love on their debut. They grew up to become mature women who also appeal to girls as role models. Their youthful appearance played a major part in gaining their popularity.

Here are some anti-aging care tips from the center members: Yoona, Tiffany and Taeyeon.

▶ Yoona

Yoona said that she is especially concerned about moisturizing because she has dry skin. She said that the key to an effective moisturizing care is to include oil in your skin care routine and use moisturizing products frequently during the day.

What she does is balancing the oil and water of her skin with water-based and oil-based products to fight dryness. When your skin is severely dry, make a mixture of your moisturizer with light oil and use it as sleeping mask.

▶ Tiffany

The most important thing about Tiffany’s beauty care is to avoid irritation. She tries to let her skin relax regularly. She never forgets to cleanse away her makeup even when she is extremely tired. She removes her makeup even during the flight.

Also, she uses baby lotion to minimize irritation on skin when moisturizing. According to her, the mild formula absorbs quickly to the skin.

▶ Taeyeon

Taeyeon prevents break outs and fights age by using enriched nourishing cream. It forms a protective film over her skin which is tired from her daily schedules. It is a part of her skin care routine.

There is a nice trick to soothe skin. Soak your cotton pad with cold booster, refrigerated, to wipe your face clean. Then, evenly spread out enriched nourishing cream over your face to help your skin revive. Apply additional cream on the irritated area.

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