Yoona-Gianna Jun-Song Hye Kyo, the Secret to Their Pure Charms, ‘Summer Makeup’


[by Song Eun Ji /translated by Kim Young Shin] If you are not sure what kind of makeup to wear on hot summer days, try going pure and innocent.

Sheer and natural makeup is keeping its high popularity from 2015 and so is pure look. The most important factor of such face is the fair and clear skin.

Heavy makeup is not the right way to lighten up your skin tone. How else can you make your skin bright and clear to suit the pure and innocent makeup looks?


Skin care is very important step to make your skin light and glowing like you were born with perfect skin. Get a brightening product with immediate results to moisturize and lighten your skin at once before makeup.

Rice is a representative ingredient that brightens the skin up. Rice mask can moisten the skin for a healthier look and brighten skin right after use. Leave the sheet mask on for 15 to 20 minutes before you remove it and begin your base makeup.

In order to look pure, your base makeup must be light and sheer. Thinly apply a foundation a tad brighter than your skin tone with a sponge lightly dampened with a mist or toner. Using a moist cushion foundation is a good substitute. If you have blemishes and dark spots around the eyes that acquire more coverage, partially apply concealer.


All the weight should be lifted off from your eye makeup to create that innocent appearance. Begin with a base color that is nude-toned, pink or coral. These basic colors look okay with any style. If you want your eyes to look deeper, layer up your eye shadow with a slightly darker color of the base you used.

Tightline your eyes with a pencil eyeliner. Pencil eyeliner is the easiest to use among eyeliners. If you want to define your eyes even more, curl up your eye lashes with eyelash curler and then coat them over with mascara. Be careful not to make lumpy parts.


The last step of pure makeup is naturally vitalizing the complexion by coloring the lips. Use plain colors like pink or coral to make the natural gradation from the center of your lips.

You have to make sure that your lips do not look dry. Before applying lip makeup, put on sufficient amount of lip balm or other moisturizer and soak up the grease with a tissue paper. Either use glossy product or lightly coat the center of your lips with transparent lip gloss to make your lips look moist.

Beauty Editor’s Recommendations: The Items for Pure Makeup

is better known as rice pack because its sheet is made from rice paper. The sheet which offers immediate brightening is soaked in serum made from rh-EGF capsulized with lecithin, plant stem cell, cercis chinensis, fermented ginseng and many other herbal ingredients. It nourishes and lightens up skin before makeup without causing irritations.

has texture which is as light as skin care product. Its formula blends in well to make your skin look clean and clear but still natural. The Ultrafine Dispersion technology allows light-weight formula that offer seamless coverage.

03 MAKE UP FOR EVER AQUA XL EYE PENCIL has soft gel formula that is water-resistant. The vivid color of sweat and water proof pencil lasts long. Even the makeup novices can draw thin and clear eye lines with the pencil.

04 ESTEE LAUDER Pure Color Lip Melt requires a single touch to color the lips. The pen-type lipstick contains oil which makes the moist and soft texture and vivid color.

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