Yoon Mi Rae Joins SM’s ‘STATION’ Project as a Third Runner


[by Woorim Ahn] The third runner of SM Entertainment (SM)’s digital music channel ‘STATION’ was unveiled.

After Taeyeon and D.O X Yoo Young Jin, it was revealed as Yoon Mi Rae and her new song ‘Because of You’ will be released on February 26 at midnight through online music sites.

In particular, SM and Yoon Mi Rae’s collaboration was made from the agency’s executive producer Lee Soo Man’s compliments as he pointed out her outstanding singing ability and soulful voice. Since Yoon Mi Rae is the first external artist out of SM, she added more specialties to ‘STATION’ project.

‘Because of You’ was co-produced by SM’s hitmaker Kenzie and Matthew Tishler and the song focused on love from family, lovers, friends and others. Its emotional lyrics and her sad voice harmonized well to stimulate the mass public’s deep senses.

Meanwhile, ‘STATION’ releases new songs on Fridays. (photo by SM Entertainment)

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