YOO SIJIN stays ALIVE and reunites with MOYEON with tears [Descendants of the Sun]


Yoo Sijin and Kang Moyeon finally meet each other again. This is the most dramatic moment of today’s episode.

Moyeon thinks her lover is dead during the mission because he has been missing for several months. This news makes her feel depressed. She does nothing but focuses only on work in order to forget about Sijin. But, she finds it difficult.

After a year, Moyeon visits a refugee camp in Albania alone and bursts into tears because the place reminds her of him. Then, she suddenly hears something from a radio and the voice sounds familiar. It is him. Seeing Sijin, she rushes over to him and hugs him hard.

‘Descendants of the Sun’ is ending this week so don’t miss today’s episode!

[Descendants of the Sun]

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