Yesung Is About to Debut As Solo!


[by Woorim Ahn] Yesung’s new songs will be unveiled finally.

On April 19 at midnight, he will disclose all the songs in his first solo album ‘Here I Am’ as well as the title song’s music video through his official website, SMTOWN YouTube channel and others.

In particular, he participated in writing lyrics and melodies of title song ‘Here I Am’ and ‘Confession’ that EXO Chanyeol joined as featuring. His change as a singer-songwriter raised the music fans’ expectations.

Moreover, as he dropped music video teaser video of ‘Here I Am’, he dragged the fans’ attention and he will host ‘Yesung Preview, ‘Here I Am’’ through Naver V-app at 10pm KST.

Meanwhile, Yesung’s ‘Here I Am’ will be released on April 19 at midnight. (photo by SM Entertainment)