YEONGO sacrifices himself for JINSEONG! [A Beautiful Mind]


On today’s ‘A Beautiful Mind’, Lee Yeongo finds out the video which Jo Yunho left before his death. Jo Yunho, one of Yeongo’s patients, mentions his doctor as the first person to actually listen to him. Watching the video, Yeongo ends up bursting into tears. This is quite surprising for him because he did not study feelings like ‘crying’ or ‘sadness’. However, those tears prove that he is beginning to feel new emotions.

More specifically, Yeongo used to believe that doctors have to save people. But, as time goes by, he takes an effort to understand his patients’ feelings. You will be deeply moved by his changes.

Meanwhile, he sacrifices himself for Jinseong by being willing to do a lung transplant. As it is a very dangerous surgery, it is usually not recommended. Yet, he volunteers to do it to save her life.

Tomorrow is the last episode. We are all curious about how ‘A Beautiful Mind’ will end!

[A Beautiful Mind]

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