Yeo-ok learns that she has liver cancer [Ohlala Couple]


When all his attempts at getting the Daeyeong account back fails, Sunam takes a dramatic measure. He kidnaps Ms. Han and lures the chairman to the hotel. Yeo-ok doesn’t feel well and goes to the hospital where she learns she is gravely ill. Illan spends the night with Jingu in her drunken stupor. She sees him again to tell him it didn’t mean anything, but she gets drunk again and it’s back to square one. Seeing how happy Yeo-ok is with Hyeonu, Sunam makes a bold decision.

Just as he is about to leave for the Philippines, Sunam catches on that something’s not right with Yeo-ok and postpones his departure. He learns that Yeo-ok has quit her job and disappeared. Yeo-ok learns that she has liver cancer and that her only chance of survival is a transplant. She goes to Sowoldo to see her mother and breaks up with Hyeonu to meet her end alone. Both Sunam and Hyeonu find out Yeo-ok has liver cancer, and they each search frantically for a way to get her a transplant.

[Ohlala Couple] – Encore Drama

Showtime: Thu-Fri 23:00 | Re-run: Thu-Fri 04:10, 10:10 (Seoul, UTC+9)