Yeo-ok finds out that Sunam is cheating on her [Ohlala Couple]


Seoul, 1919. Juhwan, an independence fighter, gets help from Sayuri, a Japanese geisha, to plan an attack on the new Japanese governor-general. The grenade misses him, however, and Sayuri is about to be taken in and executed as a spy.

Yeo-ok finds out that Sunam is cheating on her. She pulls herself together and makes thorough plans before demanding a divorce. Upon leaving the divorce court, Yeo-ok tells Sunam she is taking all their money and assets. Sunam is taken by surprise and trips. He falls down a long flight of steps in front the courthouse. As he’s being taken to the hospital in an ambulance with Yeo-ok by his side, Old Man Wolha decides to punish them for slighting the valuable karmic connections they made in their past lives.