Yang Yoseob Explains Hightlight’s Success


[photos by Jo Heeseon] Yoon Doojoon sees the future.

On October 16, group Highlight held a press conference in Yongsan’s Blue Square to celebrate the release of second mini-album CELEBRATE.
There is no end to trying to figure out how and where idol groups actually started. The phrase saying that “magic lasts 7 years” is something that hurts the feelings of so many fans of the Korean music industry. Highlight might have changed name, they still went through more than seven years: this year is their eighth anniversary. What is the secret to a long-lasting career?
Yang Yoseob answered, “This is how I’d like to reply. The motto of the German team, saying ‘there is no player better than the whole team’ is something that made me think a lot. It’s not only about soccer, I believe idols are in the same basket. I believe that the team comes before the player, and I try to adapt my behavior to this statement. Love between the team grows like this. Isn’t it how you go for a long run?”
Title song Can Be Better is the fruit of a very special collaboration between member Yong Junhyung, producer Kim Taejoo and producing team Good Life. It’s a dance track with a rock ambiance thanks to the mixing of a band sound and a synth. It’s a powerful reinterpretation of this feeling that we all have, everyday, without even knowing, when we just know that it can be better.
Meanwhile, this second mini-album marks the 8th anniversary of Highlight. The group held a special showcase on October 16 at 8PM KST which aired on V Live.
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