Wonder Girls Releases Individual Teasing Images


[by Woorim Ahn] Wonder Girls disclosed its individual teaser images.

On June 24 at midnight, the group dropped the members’ teasing images of digital single ‘Why So Lonely’ through JYP Entertainment’s official SNS.

In the photos, the members’ matchless charms were revealed. Just like watching an aurora, the pictures gave mysterious mood to raise the fans’ anticipations for the new song. Yubin digested choppy bang hair perfectly, Ye Eun showed her charisma with pink hair, Sunmi appealed mysterious mood and Hyerim maximized her sexiness with black short hair.

The mass public could guess ‘Why So Lonely’ concept as the members had strong and colorful moods. The group will also release additional teasing images and music video teaser on June 27, 29 and July 1, respectively.

Meanwhile, Wonder Girls will release ‘Why So Lonely’ on July 5. (photo by JYP Entertainment)

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