‘Witch’ Ideum & Jinwook’s secret rendezvous with rival Yoonkyeong! [Witch at Court]


While the drama is approaching an end, stills for tonight’s episode were released.

This time, they are facing each other at a cafe instead of a courtroom. Ideum is handing an envelope with some documents to Yoongyeong with a meaningful smile. Yoongyeong is surprised when she sees what’s inside. What could the document contain? And what secrets did they talk about in the hush-hush meeting?

Yoongyeong has started to feel afraid of Jo Gabsoo‘s endless villainies. She also received a scout offer from President Ahn Seopil, so she might be having second thoughts about staying loyal to the evil Jo Gabsoo after all.

Stay tuned to find out the real purpose behind their secret rendezvous and how this meeting will affect their investigation of Jo Gabsoo.

[Witch at Court]

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