‘Witch’ Ideum is locked up by a mysterious guy during investigation! [Witch at Court]


Stills for the upcoming episode of ‘Witch at Court’ were released. Ideum is locked up by an unknown man during her ‘Kingdom’ investigation. Her hands and feet are tied up with duct tape, and the man is threatening her. Regardless, Ideum doesn’t look scared by him. She glares at him with hateful eyes.

In the previous episode, Ideum joined forces with Chief Min and Jin Yeonhee to investigate the ‘Kingdom,’ which is Jo Gabsoo‘s source of power as well as his weak point. It seems that she has put herself in danger in the middle of the investigation. Where is she locked up, and why did she go there?

In the other photo, Jinwook and Chief Min seem to have learned of Ideum‘s danger. Will they be able to save Ideum?

[Witch at Court]

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