‘Witch’ Ideum is a victim of hidden camera. [Witch at Court]


Ideum explodes in fury and is about to throw a fire extinguisher at someone!

In episode 3, while Ideum was investigating the ‘Revenge hidden camera’ case with Jinwook, she found a hidden camera in her house and was left in shock.

Still photos of Ideum and Jinwook at the police station have been revealed. Ideum is holding a fire extinguisher, and she seems quite out of her mind. Her disheveled hair and no-makeup shows that she came rushing to the police station. Jinwook is trying to stop her from throwing the fire extinguisher at somebody.

In another photo, she is glaring at someone in the police station. Could it be the criminal who put hidden cameras in her house?

We have always seen Ideum as a prosecutor. Now that she has become a victim herself, how is she going to react? Will Ideum catch the culprit and give him the punishment he deserves? Stay tuned!

[Witch at Court]

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