What Are Tips of Scalp Care in Spring from ‘Fine Dust’?


[by Park Seung Hyun] As yellow dust and fine dust are getting serious during spring time, our scalp and skin are suffering from dry weather/air.

When harmful substances of fine dust and sand dust of yellow dust clog pores, skin illnesses and even scalp infection could occur. As the frequent scalp damage could be a shortcut to hair loss, we may have to concentrate on scalp care during the change of seasons.

Self-Scalp Care

For damaged and sensitive scalp in dry weather, let’s try a gentle scalp massage. Gently massaging the dry and unclean scalp with fingertips while shampooing, the exhausted scalp could be recovered on top of taking care of scalp health.

Aveda Invati™ Hair Care Kit composed of Exfoliating Shampoo containing Salicylic Acid originated from Winter Green and Thickening Conditioner containing Palm Tree and Rape Seed Extract, the Salicylic Acid of Exfoliating Shampoo perfectly cleanses scalp by removing dead skin cells clogging pores while Thickening Conditioner gives elasticity to hair and also strengthens hair.

Recommended Scalp Care <Problematic Scalp Care by Hesol Scalp Clinics>

This program prevents/improves scalp troubles through the scalp soothing/antibacterial/anti-inflammatory solution and the normalization of sebaceous glands in scalp by purifying elements of scalp troubles such as excessive sebum, scalp infection, and alopecia scalp infection caused by fine dust and yellow dust.

The Problematic Scalp Care Program of Hesol Scalp linics for total 60 minutes diagnoses scalp type, pore condition, and density/survival rate of hair through the high-tech digital precision diagnosis system, and also checks hair damage and abnormal symptoms in scalp.

After that, the consultation provides the lifestyle guidance and recommendation of program. Starting from Glabella Amun Therapy relaxing muscles through scalp/spine care, three steps of Scalp Toxy are performed and then pH ion balance is adjusted. After receiving Scalp Nutrimax and Trouble Nutrimax adding nutrition to scalp and hair, the cell regeneration and absorption of nutrition are helped by using IR Therapy.

Currently, all the branches of Hesol Scalp Clinics are providing the discount event for scalp care, and also providing the customized scalp care system. (photo by Hankyung DB, Ecomine, Aveda)

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