Want to Look Younger Like Kim Hye Soo, Shin Min Ah, and Han Chae Young? Tips for ‘Anti-Aging Care at Home’


[by Song Eunji] Women want to look younger even by one year. They thoroughly take care of their skin tone and even small wrinkles to look younger.

Then, what should you do to look younger like stars on TV? The key to anti-aging care is ‘prevention.’ Remember, ‘beginning anti-aging care as soon as possible’ is the best shortcut to have a young-looking face.

Then, how should you do anti-aging care? Here’s knowhow for anti-aging care at home for those women with severe stress from their skin troubles.

‘Elasticity’ Determines If You Look Younger Or Older

Skin elasticity is the most important element to determine if you look younger or older. As you age, you come to naturally have wrinkles. If you just leave them alone, the wrinkles would deepen and your skin will lose elasticity, making you look older. Therefore, it is more important than anything to keep your skin elastic in anti-aging care.

You must thoroughly block UV rays as well as moisturize your skin to keep your skin elastic. In addition, avoid drinking alcohol and smoking, which are called ‘the enemy of skin.’ As well, irregular life habits also lower your skin elasticity by harming your skin condition, so beware.

Tips For Anti-Aging Care For Elastic, Young-Looking Skin

01 Use Sunblock Cream

When your skin is exposed to UV rays for a long time, your skin may age rapidly since the UV rays directly damage the outer layer of your skin. Therefore, you had better evenly apply a sunscreen such as a sunblock cream to your face and other body parts exposed to the sunlight 30 minutes before going out.

If you want to increase the sun protection effects, you need to reapply sunblock cream at least once every three to four hours. If you are afraid your makeup may be ruined, mix a water-based sunblock cream with foundation and use the mixture for correcting your makeup to reduce the worry over dryness. You can block UV rays and correct your makeup at once.

02 Sufficient Moisturizing

Your skin is dry and dark? The cause is lack of ‘moisture.’ Take steady care of your skin by using a moisturizer with functions for brighten your skin and relieving wrinkles. Skin care products containing ‘phyto’ substances, which refer to materials extracted from gemmule of vegetables, are very useful since they can relieve melisma, wrinkles, and pimples and keep your skin elastic and moist at the same time.

Apply a skin toner, essence, eye cream, and moisture cream containing phyto substances by patting them into your skin. If you invest around ten minutes of time every day for this process, you could see your skin much younger than that of your friends in the not-so-distant future. It is better if you also perform a special skin care by using a mask pack twice to three times a week.

Items Recommended by Beauty Editor for Young-Looking Skin

01 KICHO ULTRA MOISTURIZING SUN CREAM, SPF50/PA+++ A water-based sunblock cream containing vegetable gemmule substances extracted from germinating soybeans without five hazardous substances, which can be used without worry over skin troubles and white cloudy phenomenon.

02 KICHO Phyto Natural Refreshing Toner A functional skin toner that adds elasticity to your tired skin and brightens your skin at the same time.

03 KICHO Phyto Natural Total Essence A highly enriched essence for providing plentiful nutrition and moisture, toning and brightening your skin, and relieving wrinkles.

04 KICHO Phyto Enriched Eye Cream An eye cream that provides rich nutrition to the weak skin around your eyes, keeps your skin elastic and bright, and relieves wrinkles.

05 KICHO Phyto Natural Moisture Cream A moisture cream whose cream texture with rich nutrition is absorbed deep into your skin to provide nutrition.

06 KICHO Phyto Refreshing Daily Mask A mask pack with vegetable gemmule substances, which help soothe your skin and normalize your skin condition, and cotton sheets for rapid, effective special skin care. (photo by: KICHO, bntnews DB)

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