Wanna One’s year-end party with Wannable!


Wanna One will hold their first fan meeting in Korea in December.

According to CJ E&M, Wanna One will hold a total of 6 ‘Wanna One Premier Fan-Con’ in Seoul and Busan. They will combine a fan meeting and concert at the event.

The agency stated, “Wanna One has prepared a total of 6 fan meetings to return the fans’ overwhelming love.”

The tickets for Seoul fan concert will go on sale on October 24, limited to the fan club, and on the 25th, the general tickets will go on sale. Tickets for Busan will open on October 31 for the fan club, and on November 1 for the public. Tickets will be available at Interpark.

Wanna One will have their second promotions with their repackage album ‘1-1=0(Nothingwithout you).

[Image source: YMC Entertainment, CJ E&M]