Wanna One’s debut album ‘1X1=1(TO BE ONE)’ track list is released!


Wanna One will officially debut on August 7 with ‘1X1=1(TO BE ONE)’!

On July 31, the name of Wanna One‘s debut album as well as its track list was announced on the official SNS of Wanna One.

The name of the album, ‘1X1=1(TO BE ONE),’ signifies that 11 boys will head to the top (TO BE ONE), showing Wanna One‘s confidence. It also means that Wanna One (1), together with the fans (X1) will grow into the best group (=1).

The track list includes a total of 7 tracks including ‘Burn It Up’ and ‘Energetic,’ which are already well known to the public through the title track selection event.

The album features four new tracks: the intro ‘To Be One,’ ‘Burn It Up’ with an intense sound, ‘Energetic’ which is a melodic song, and ‘Wanna Be (My Baby)’ which seems to be a love song for the fans.

In addition, ‘Always,’ which was sung by 20 members on the final stage of ‘Produce 101 S2,‘ is rearranged and re-recorded as Wanna One version. ‘Never’ and ‘Pick Me’ are also re-recorded by Wanna One.

Wanna One will drop its first mini album on August 7 at 6pm(Seoul) and will be holding a large-scale ‘premiere show concert’ at 8pm on the same day.

[Image Source: Wanna One Facebook]