Wanna One, out of tickets in 1 MINUTE!


A boy group ‘Wanna One‘ chosen through a program of Mnet named ‘PRODUCE 101′ made a great hit on their concert ticket sale.

According to CJ E&M, a host of concert ‘Wanna One Premier Show-Con’, pre-sale tickets targeting fan club are all sold out in a minute. Pre-ticket was admitted only one ticket per person but the ticket selling Internet site went down when it was overwhelmed by a rush of hits. One of the officials said that the site passed 530 thousand marks for simultaneous log-ins.

As it was a fierce competition, even scalper’s tickets appeared in more than 250 times higher price.

Anyway, ‘Wanna One Premier Show-Con’ will be held on August 7th in a form like a mixture of showcase and concert in Gocheok Sky Dome.

If you want to attend the concert, try general ticketing which will be opened today at 8p.m.!


[Image Source : YMC Entertainment]