Voice -Yuna Kim


Yuna Kim – Voice Lyrics English

A withered flower also breathes
Deep dwan is blue
The sound of song becomes smaller not disappear

So if you know the right way
Don’t stop, keep walking
A melody which is coming into my calm mind

A lot of people are passing by
Every day they have different eyes
At the end of the season, on that street
Take off the harshness


So if you know the right way
Turn around and look again

Without any words spoken
The voice is delivered

A voice which is calling ‘a short time’ in my memory

Yuna Kim – Voice Romanization

sideun kkotdo sum swinda
gipeun saebyeogeun pureuda
noraetsorin deo jagajil ppun
sarajiji anneunda

So if you know the right way
meomchujima tto georeoga
goyohaejin maeume deullyeooneun mellodi

maneun saram seuchinda
maeil nunbichi dareuda
gyejeorui kkeut geu gil wie
godanhameul beonneunda

So if you know the right way
doraseoseo tto barabwa

Without any words spoken
jeonhaejineun Mokso-ri

gieok sok jjalbeun siganeul bureuneun Mokso-ri