VIXX’s Leo joins the club of musical actors by being cast in Mata Hari


Jung Taek-woon (VIXX’s Leo) has been cast in the musical Mata Hari.

The EMK Musical Company put a total of $25 million into the production of the musical. Jung Taek-woon was cast in the role of Arman, and will be appearing on stage along with fellow stars Um Ki-joon and Song Chang-eui.

The musical Mata Hari takes place during the First World War. It is about the beautiful dancer Mata Hari, who is sentenced to death via firing squad on charges of being a double spy. The musical is a recreation of the early 20th century in Paris and the Moulin Rouge (an entertainment house in Paris which opened in 1890).

Jung Taek-woon plays Arman, the only man that Mata Hari has ever fallen in love with. The pure hearted man sees through Mata Hari’s glamorous life, and knows about the dark side, which he tries to give her protection from as well as love.

Jung Taek-woon said “If you look at the musicals Elizabeth , Rudolf, Crown Prince of Austria or Rebecca, you will definitely think, I need to be in one of their productions! It is a real honor to be able to act on stage along with all these awesome senior actors.”

You can see Jung Taek-woon appear in the musical Mata Hari, in March 2016 at Blue Square in the Samsung electronics hall.

Article by Han Jihee of Get It K, Photos by Jellyfish Entertainment

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