VIXX to Unveil Its Yearly Project Opening Trailer


[by Bae Jung Yun] On April 11, VIXX disclosed a trailer ‘VIXX 2016 Conception Opening Trailer’ on its official YouTube and TV cast.

The trailer is explaining the direction of the group’s upcoming series album concept. Previously, the group announced its comeback by releasing ‘VIXX 2016 Conception Art Film’ on March 28. Several hints about its upcoming yearly series album were included in the unveiled trailer.

From the video, the group members are stuck in the unknown situation. Member Ravi is wandering on the permanently connected unlimited stairs and Ken is surrounded by men with a black cloak. N is wandering in the woods full of black umbrellas and Leo is hinting untold story with eyes full of meaning. Hyuk is looking confused in piles of paper and Hongbin is lighting up the fire like brightening up the world of darkness. Significant items and unique background such as permanently connected stairs, black umbrella and cloak, crumpled paper are noticing unimaginable concept of the group.

Moreover, a Greek word that is a motive of the upcoming album appeared in the video and noticed future direction of the album. The group, which announced its yearly album series keyword as a god of fate and destruction, Ker from its previously unveiled conception art film, noticed the broad musical spectrum through the unveiled opening trailer. The video’s grand atmosphere like a fantasy movie is overwhelming the viewer.

The group proved its ability with differentiated concepts such as vampire, voodoo dolls and cyborg. Just like the announcement from ‘VIXX 2016 Conception Release Scheduler’, unique format and content will be unveiled in consecutive order until May 20.

Meanwhile, VIXX will participate in ‘China Music Award’, which will be held on May 15 in Macao, China. (photo by Jellyfish Entertainment)