VIXX gives away flowers on their way to appearing on Music Bank


On the 20th, those who appeared on KBS 2TV’s Music Bank did a rehearsal in KBS’s new Yeouido Seoul office.

VIXX’s second regular album Chained Up, was released and promoted on SBS MTV’s The Show last Tuesday, and promoted on MBC Music’s Show Champion Wednesday. It was also promoted on various, other music broadcast programs, leading them to grab the number one on both shows and other programs. Regardless of the medium, VIXX’s new album and track seems to be grabbing the number one spots.

On this day the members were wearing hoary stock flowers, and giving them away to the press and fans. The flowers have the meaning “Love me for who I am”. VIXX also asked fans to love them for who they are, catching every one’s attention.


Royal Azalea little boy, VIXX’s N


The stunning and statue like, VIXX’s Hongbin

1-1The guy you will be enveloped by, VIXX’s Ken


A flower crown that would look great on anyone, VIXX’s Ravi


The baby who is even more beautiful than the flowers, VIXX’s Hyuk


Giving flowers to fans, VIXX’s Leo


The complete VIXX crew together, asking everyone to enjoy Chained Up

Photo article by Choi Eun-hee

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