Unmissable Postpartum Care, Perfect Tummy Control!


Women usually stay in postpartum care center for around a month to regain fitness after giving birth and what comes next is a concern of many. After your condition becomes stable, restoring your body shape properly with an effective postpartum program is needed immediately.

How does the management program of a professional postpartum care center works?

Fetus and placenta weigh around 5-7kg and the remaining weight is the fat a mum gained during pregnancy. Due to pregnancy hormones, muscles and tissues become loose and it is difficult to restore your enlarged breasts and stomach.

The Red Club takes the responsibility to provide safe and effective postpartum care for women according to your body shape.

Postpartum care program offered by The Red Club emphasizes on restoring enlarged stomach and the stability of pelvis through aroma therapy. It also cares for your fascia, helps maintain a warm body temperature and helps regain muscles.

The program helps you get back your health and beauty at the same time through aroma therapy to induce mental and physical stability. It manages the fascia of your abdomen to boost circulation and restore your body condition.

(photo by The Red Club, bntnews DB)

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