‘Two Day’s Spending a night at a haunted school! [Two Days and One Night]


Who will be the unlucky ones to camp at an abandoned school building?

On the upcoming episode of ‘Two Days and One Night’, the members arrive at an abandoned school. Each member has to go into the school and find an item.

Those who come in first, second, third and fourth are allowed to go home right away, and the two that come out last will have to put up a tent inside the school and spend a night there!

The coward brothers Taehyun and Junyoung get the benefit to enter the building together. They get scared out of their wits by the ghosts waiting inside the school!

Which two members are going to be spending the night at this school of horror? Stay tuned to find out!

[Two Days and One Night]

Showtime : Sun 19:40 | Re-run: Mon 02:30, 10:30 l Fri 02:50, 13:40 (Seoul, UTC+9)