TWICE to Unveil Its Third Teaser Video


[by Bae Jung Yun] A girl group TWICE member, Jeongyeon, Jihyo and Mina’s charismatic third teaser video was unveiled.

On April 19 at midnight KST, starting from the pre-release on NAVER TV Cast ‘V’, the group disclosed the third teaser video of its second mini album ‘PAGE TWO’ through its official website and social media.

Similar to the second teaser, the video started out as three members mess around each other. When the camera filter has changed, another twist was shown. Members were showing its charismatic facial expression in the scene just like watching an action movie. It is expected to attract people’s attention.

The group in increasing people’s anticipation toward its comeback on April 25 by releasing the teaser starting from April 18.

Its title song ‘CHEER UP’ is a color pop dance music that mixed three genres such as hip hop, tropical house and drum & base. It has impressive, classy and fresh sound. The group’s unique bright and cheerful image lives and breathes within the music.

A total of seven songs such as ‘CHEER UP’, a remake song ‘Precious Love’ by Park Ji Yoon, ‘Touchdown’, ‘Tap and Snap (direct translation)’, ‘Wooho’, ‘Use Headphone’ and a song only included in the CD version of the album ‘I’m gonna be a star’ will be presented.

Meanwhile, TWICE’s second mini album ‘PAGE TWO’ will drop on April 25. (photo by JYP Entertainment)