TOP3 Mask Sheets that Excel in Night Care


[by Choi Woo Jin /translated by Kim Young Shin] Spring has come and your skin needs some good care. It is time to erase the trace of winter days by moisturizing, whitening and firming care. More and more people are trying to figure out how to do so. If you cannot make spare time for skin care during your busy day, make the most of the time right before going to bed.

Putting more effort in night skin care can make your skin become flawless, especially if it is done around 10pm which is the time your skin starts to regenerate. What kind or night care items should you choose?

There are many ways to take care of your skin. The simplest but still strongly effective method is to use masks. Many people have trouble finding the right masks for their skin type among the humongous variety of the product. For those who just cannot choose what to get, here are the best 3 items of the kind.

# Dry Skin Matters? Hydrate Your Face

Moisturizing is the major result of masks. If your skin remains dewy after removing the mask sheet, it means the product works well on your skin. Those who suffer from dryness of the current weather should get the items especially designed to rehydrate the skin.

Sheet mask locks in moisture of the skin from the moment it is put on the face. Lack of water content causes rough surface of the skin. The product supplies moisture to the outer layer of the skin to help it get softer. The water penetrates deep into the pores. Putting a layer of moisturizing cream makes a strong moisture barrier.

>> BERRISOM ‘Animal Mask Pack’ to Fill up Moisture Deep Down the Skin

‘Animal Mask Pack’ comes with interesting sheet masks printed with seven animals: raccoon, monkey, tiger, panda, cat, dog and sheep. The seven different shapes have seven different effects. They offer whitening, firming, moisturizing and nourishing specifically designed for different skin types.

# Darkened and Dull Skin Tone Matters? Conduct Whitening Care

Whitening care does not always require help from dermatologists. Considering that clinical treatments often accompany side effects and last only for short time, they are not always worth the expense. Sheet masks can take care of such concern with easy daily care that brightens the face.

There are many ingredients that can make your dull skin glow. Leontopodium alpinum extract, pearl extract, daffodil extract and lily extract can stimulate the generation process of melanin and make your skin tone brighter. Note that simply putting the sheets on regularly can whiten your skin.

>> Mediheal ‘Mask Dress Code Black’ to Catch up With Celebrities’ Glowing Skin

If dull and darkened skin is your concern, try ‘Mask Dress Code Black’ which contains hyaluronic acid, pearl extract and other patented herbal extract. The sheet with whitening effect also makes you look like you are wearing a dressy mask.

# Micro-dust and Pollen Matter? Shut out the External Aggressors

There are not many protections available against pollens and micro-dust in spring. After care including cleansing and moisturizing can be said as the only solution. However, some mask pack can help shut off external irritants.

Mask packs with anti-pollution function can prevent harmful substances to get inside the pores. Those products coat the surface of the skin. Whether used during night care, makeup or before going outdoors they form a protective barrier on your face.

>> KIEHL’s ‘Pollutant Defending Masque’ to Block Harmful Irritants in Spring

‘Pollutant Defending Masque’ forms a fine protection against environmental aggressors to prevent impurities from adhering to pores. The anti-oxidant effect of orange extract strengthens the skin barrier to shut off micro-dusts.

(photo by BERRISOM, Mediheal, KIEHL’S, bntnews DB)