‘Theunit’ Hansol ji, Chosen as the Model of Global Skincare Brand ‘Keep Cool’


Hansol ji who has been making his mark on KBS idol reboot project ‘theunit’, has been selected as the advertising model for the global skincare brand ‘Keep Cool’ before the huge release of new products in December.

Keep Cool official said, “Hansol ji is known for his brilliant dance and performance skills since he was a trainee. He decided to participate on ‘theunit’ to become a global artist and gained young fandom of 10-20 generation. He goes well with the image of ‘Keep Cool’ which is growing fast to become a global brand.”

“Hansol ji has secured 140,000 domestic and foreign young followers on his social media even before the competition, so he is a prepared idol with a variety of charm and skills.” With its branding activities, we will focus on young consumers in their late teens and early 20s. ”

On the other hand, Keep Cool is a global brand that offers a cool complex lifestyle skincare at a reasonable price plus a natural complex made of unique technology and a trendy Nordic sensibility. It can be seen sequentially through ‘Keep Cool’ official website and social media channel.(photo by KEEP COOL)

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