The Whitening Beauty System That Shines When You Go Out


[by Woo Ji An] In the autumn, many people take a walk and go out for a picnic in the cool wind. It is also a season that is easy to neglect skin care because of the cooler temperature. But the air is much drier so your skin can also get dried and this can lead to roughness of the skin surface, so you should never forget about your skin care.

Rapidly reduced sweat and sebum due to lower temperatures and dry winds dry out your skin, which pulls and tugs. Also, if you think UV protection is needed only in summer resort, you are mistaking. In autumn, strong UV lights makes pigmentation easy and promotes aging, so it must be managed thoroughly in you daily routine.

Let’s look at the autumn skin care method that you should never forget before you head out the door.

::: Autumn skin care?

In the fall, you need to be more careful about cleansing because of the dead skin cells that crust around your skin. If you have a lot of dry skin with severe pulling, you should do a first cleansing with cleansing cream or lotion and wash away the waste with a bubbling cleansing foam.

Rather than using high nutritional products, it is better to focus the management during basic care. Even oily skin may be a type of skin that overexpresses oil due to lack of water, so you have to fill the skin with hydration. It is also good to apply the moisturizing cream several times to fill the gap between the skins that has lost moisture.

::: 1 pack a day management!

If your skin feels dull after the summer has passed, you should check to make sure you are using the sunscreen correctly. It is good to apply sunscreen several times in everyday life because the skin that survived the summer, becomes noticeable with the fine wrinkles and skin aging in autumn.

If you want gorgeous skin, it is good to use 1 pack a day with a mask pack of different ingredients and effects every day. If you use a mask pack containing whitening ingredients and a mask pack to help calm and moisturize alternately every day, you can achieve smooth and fair skin with just the home care.

Two beauty systems for sparkling autumn skin

01 Adaline Keep Cool Shine Mask contains over 20 varieties of essential amino acids and minerals, including pearl extract, to increase moisture content and soften the skin to maintain smooth elasticity.

02 Aesop Parsley Seed Antioxidant Facial Hydrating Cream Contains Parsley Seed, which has contains a high amount of powerful antioxidants, to control skin problems from environmental pollution and stress.(photo by bntnews DB, Adaline, Aesop)