The Sexy & Provocative Pink Makeup of ‘Taeyeon’ That Captivates Men’s Heart


[by Kim Yoon Jung/ translated by You-bin Ha] By thinking about a ‘pink makeup’, people usually think about a freshman look or a bright and girly mood just like the heroine of ‘Legally Blonde’.

But pink can also be strong and provocative. Let’s put this pure and young pink makeup aside and try a sexy and provocative pink makeup that will captivate men’s heart.

>>Bright and pure pink base

The most important point of a pink makeup is to have a pink shaded luminous skin. Use a base product that will help you have a brighter complexion for a pure and lively skin.

First of all, apply the product under your eyes and then highlight the end of your nose in W shape. Finish your plump skin makeup by applying a foundation on the other area.

Guroom Pink CC of 16brand is the must-have item for a pink shaded face. Its pink color capsule evens your dull complexion and helps you have a peachy skin for a lovely pink face. Moreover, its goat milk, strawberry and cotton extracts effectively maintain your face’s moisture.

>> Strong Eye Makeup

Once the bright and luminous skin finished, the next step consists of having a strong eye makeup. If you directly apply a pink shadow on your eyelids, it can give a puffy look. To prevent this, put on a brown shadow first, blend it naturally and then apply your eyeliner.

As for the eyeliner, just draw it at the beginning and in the corner of your eyes in order to enlarge them. Then finish your eye makeup by applying a pink cream shadow in the corner of your eyes.

Botanical Skinny Auto Eyeliner and Eco crayon eyes of Nature Republic can be used very easily even for the beginners thanks to its stick shape.

>>Sexy Provocative Lip & Cheek

The lip makeup is just the icing on the cake. When the eye makeup is strong, the lip makeup should be more natural to let people focus on the eyes.

But as it’s still a pink makeup, put the cute and lovely baby pink aside and choose a hot pink or an orchid color.

Addict Fluid Stick 779 Plaisir of Dior is a product that leaves a strong color even with a single application. Since it’s a tint, you will be able to regulate its consistency to have a natural gradation lip makeup. (photo by 16brand, Nature Republic, Dior, captured image of Girl’s Generation’s ‘Lion Heart’ music video and Tayeon’s ‘I’ music video, bntnews DB)