The Secrets to Giving Off Various Styles of Charm Like Suji-IU-Sulli


[by Hwang So Hee] When watching the comeback stage, drama and movies of celebrities, though it is the same face, there are celebrities that that always try new changes. They are loved by the crowd through their various mood and charm that further dazzles their beautiful appearances.

There are different ways in the celebrities’ various changes. The most effective method of all is the change in hairstyle. Let us take a look at the celebrities that bring out various charms through diverse hairstyle changes.

The ones who show various charms – Suji, IU, Sulli, Yoona, and Hani- what they have in common is that they try giving diverse hair changes from long straightened hair to cute short cuts and colorful hair dyes. They always give out various charm through their eye-catching transformations on stage or in dramas.

What is the big secret of Suji, IU, Sulli, Yoona, and Hani’s hair change that dazzles their beautiful appearances even more.

If you dream of trying various hairstyle changes, what is most important is voluminous hair. Hairstyle changes from long straightened hair to short cuts and dyed hair can only be perfectly set on the basis of voluminous hair.

However, when one is trying to make an image transformation through various hairstyle changes, a lack of hair volume can give difficulties. If you have problems trying your preferred hairstyles due to a lack of hair volume or baldness, considering hair implant could be a solution to the problem.

Dr. Choi Yoon Suk (plastic surgery specialist), the director of JK, which is located in the center of Korea- Gangnam, said “The most important factor in trying out various hairstyles is having voluminous hair. If you are going through severe stress due to lack of hair, baldness, or pelade, one way is to consider hair implant.”

JK Plastic Surgery Clinic apprehends the depilation type and selects the right hair implant method for each type. Also, the strength of JK is that an experienced specialist in hair implant cooperates in the surgery. With speedy and accurate technology JK focuses on increasing the implant hair’s engraftment rate by minimizing the time the hair tissue is left outside the body.

Dr. Choi Yoon Suk gives advice saying, “More women are coming with pelade and scanty hair line problems. When they have pelade or baldness problems, many speak of their extreme stress. In such cases, considering hair implant or hair line cure through a deep consultation with a specialist can become a solution to the problem.”

JK Plastic Surgery Clinic, which has been awarded a achievement award for Gangnam-gu’s excellent foreign patient attraction resulting partner agency, prioritize the health condition of the patient, accurate analysis and diagnose through the ‘one-stop check-up before surgery’. Also, the anesthetic specialist is always on stand-by, and a plastic surgery specialist does the hair implant surgery. Keeping in mind the possibility of unavoidable emergencies, a CPR team is set, an emergency kit is kept, and a UPS is set to continue with the surgery during electricity cuts, all prioritizing the safety of the patient.(photo by JK Plastic Surgery Clinic, bntnews DB)