The Priests cast take celebration pictures for 5 million ticket sales mark


The fresh new story which takes a new angle on the genre, has generated a lot of interest. This is proven by it surpassing the 5 million tickets sales mark, this Thursday December 3rd. The Priests is directed by Jang Jae-hyun, produced by Zip Cinema and distributed by CJ Entertainment.

In the first three days of its release, The Priests sold 1 million tickets. It sold a total of 2 million tickets seven days after its release, 3 million 10 days after, and 3 million 16 days after. And now finally movie goes have pushed it to over 5 million tickets sold, on December 3rd. This is a new record in the Korean movie industry, to sell over 5 million tickets with a November release.

Kim Yoon-seok and Kang Dong-won decided to commemorate the break through, by taking a photo to thanks that fans for their enthusiasm.

The Priests’ Kiim Yoon-seok signing his message with the name Dondoni (돈돈이).

Dondoni is the name of Kim Yoon-seok’s ‘Piggy’ bank. The message reads, “We broke 5 million! Enjoy the end of your year my watching The Priests!! Sincerely Dondoni”.


Here is Kang Dong-won fulfilling his duty.

He portrays the complicated emotion of Deacon Choi perfectly. Kang Dong-won is currently shooting another movie in Jeollanam-do. So he wrote the number 500 in the sand at the beach, for his celebration shot.

The Korean counting system goes to 10,000, before repeating the initial counters on top of new ones. English does this from 1000, eg ten-thousand. Because of this, the number is Korean is 500-10,000s. Hence why the actors are writing 500, to celebrate the 5 million-ticket mark.


Park So-dam holds two 500 coins in celebration~

Park So-dam as Young-shin is considered the greatest break out role of 2015. In the photo she hold two 500won coins while making a cute pose, to celebrate the 5 million tickets achievement.

Article by Han Jihee of Get It K, Photos by Walt Disney Company Korea

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