The presence of Taeo rouses Siu’s jealousy [Moorim School: Saga of the Brave]


Yun Siu envies that something is going on between Sundeok and Taeo.

On today’s episode, you can find Siu very jealous of the presence of Taeo. Taeo is Sundeok’s first love.

Sundeok cannot go to school due to her father. For this, Siu and Musong make a visit to her house.

In the end, Sundeok, despite her father’s opposition, goes to school at midnight with Siu. As soon as she meets Taeo at school, she runs to him. Taeo shouts with laughter, “Sundeok, I remember you cry for marrying me!”

When Siu hears this, he is upset and says, “What? Marriage?” Not only Siu, but Chiang is not happy with Taeo, either.

During lunch time, Taeo stays around Sundeok. He says, “I wanted to come back to school because of the food. Let’s see if Sundeok got better with cooking.” His words make her blush. He even puts some side dishes on her cooked rice, showing his thoughtfulness.

[Moorim School: Saga of the Brave]

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