The Method to Cooling Red Hot Summer Skin


[by Lee Hye Jeong] In the hot summer of bright blazing sunlight, it’s good to pay attention to ‘temperature’ care. Through the hot weather, skin temperature rises and while the skin is crying, skin issues easily happen.

Skin that has red hot temperature under the sunlight becomes flushed; not only looking bad aesthetically but the raised temperature can also arouse elation in your makeup.

Excessively risen skin temperature can cause skin troubles so you need to take special care. What types of refreshing cooling methods are there for summer hot red skin?

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Because skin that becomes red hot under the sunlight is already in a very sensitive state it’s good to be meticulous and pay attention when you are doing treatment.

Because your face is flushed or hot, it’s good to avoid directly placing cold items onto your face. The cooling point is to find a way to subtly cool down the heat without irritating your skin.

STEP 1. Cleansing Refreshingly 

If you want to lower the heat of your hot face you need to worry starting from your cleansing steps. A good cleansing method is using cleansing water.

Soak an adequate amount of cleansing water onto a cotton pad, then remove the remainder of your makeup, this can have instant cooling effects. If you select a product with deep sea and seaweed ingredients, you can do cleansing and moist moisturizing at the same time while having effective makeup removal.

STEP 2. Maintaining a State of  Cool~ Skin 

If you keep your skin temperature at a suitable temperature, your makeup will stay on longer and you can enjoy a little more refreshing summer. In order to maintain a suitable skin temperature, it’s good to put on a mask for a short amount of time before putting on makeup.

Through putting on a mask, you make your skin cool and afterwards if you put on some base makeup with a cushion, you can maintain a suitable skin temperature for the entire day. Even when fixing makeup if you choose a cushion that has deep water components, it will cool down hot skin and is superior to other cushions.


 Moist cleansing water composed of deep sea water and seaweed components that conveniently removes waste material on your skin without irritating it.
02 KICHO Phyto Refreshing Daily Mask A mask with plant gemmule components that are extracted from germinated energetic soybeans soothe hot skin and create the best skin condition. You can use it safely as the cotton sheet doesn’t use brightening agents or the 6 chemical components that make skin sensitive.
03 KICHO AROHA GLOW CC CUSHION, SPF50+/PA+++ Long-lasting and excellent coverage that maintains bright and beautiful skin all day long. The CC Cushion is comprised of New Zealand lanolin and deep sea components made in Germany making skin moist.
(photo by Kicho, bntnews DB)