‘The Fortress’ Set to Release on October 3rd, a Historical Piece Fit For Chuseok


[by Ent Team] ‘The Fortress’ is premiering at the perfect time.

On September 6th, the distributor of ‘The Fortress (Director Hwang Dong Hyuk)’, CJ Entertainment, released the following news.

“The director of ‘Silenced’ and ‘Miss Granny’, Hwang Dong Hyuk’s next movie ‘The Fortress’ starring Korean representative actors Lee Byun Hun, Kim Yun Seok, Park Hae Il, Ko Soo, Park Hee Soon, and Jo Woo Jin will be premeiring on October 3rd.”

The movie ‘The Fortress’ is a movie that tells the story of the 14 year standstill of the 2nd Manchu Invasion of Joseon with King Injo at the head of the fight. The story will focus on the most heated 47 days.

Kim Hoon’s best seller under the same name, ‘The Fortress’.

Lee Byung Hun plays the role of Minister of Interior Choi Myung Kil who plans for the future after suffering humiliation from the invasion. His endless character analysis and detailed emotional changes for acting in the historical piece are expecting to echo in the hearts of viewers.

Through the role of Minister of Culture and Education Kim Sang Hun who opposes guns to fight for their cause, Kim Yun Seok challenges his first traditional historical piece. With a heavy presence and powerful acting, he will immerse audiences into the work.

Not only that, in order to realistically portray the cold and landscape of the 1636 Manchu Invasion, the production team including filming, aesthetics, clothes, make-up, etc., were all done in 5 months in the bitter cold in order to complete the work.

Meanwhile, the movie ‘The Fortress’ aimed for Chuseok will premiere on October 3rd. (photo by CJ Entertainment)

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