The ‘Aura Glowing’ Makeup Of ‘Kim Tae Hee-Song Ji Hyo-Yoona’ Who Shined The Year-end Award Ceremonies


[by Kim Yun Jung] There is an event that cannot be missed at the end of the year. That is the various ‘Year-End Award Ceremony’. The ceremonies become the center of attention since  numerous popular celebrities attended the events.

The public are very interested in the perfect styles of celebrities as well as the price winners. The ‘aura glowing’ skin of the celebrities stood out as much as the elaborate dresses that the celebrities wore. How is the ‘aura makeup’ that many celebrities expressed at the year-end ceremonies created?

‘Aura’ is a word that refers to a unique and elegant mood that is unique to a person. Actresses express their hidden auras through their dresses, makeup, and hairstyles at the year-end award ceremonies.

Realistically it is hard to wear dresses and elaborate jewelry as they do but following their makeup may be the easiest way for us to imitate their aura. We have examined the makeup looks of celebrities at year-end award ceremonies.

>> Healthy Glow Base Makeup

In order to create natural glowing skin, prepare a flawless base makeup first. Many stars who attended this year’s award ceremonies portrayed a makeup with sufficient moisture and a smooth skin.

Dior – Dior Skin Nude Air is a light ultra fluid serum type product that can quickly and easily correct the skin by creating a natural skin layer.

Chosungah22 – Bounce Up Pact Master (editor’s pick) This product is the perfect one to have a healthy glow skin. Just as its name suggests, the skin bounce effect has been proven through clinical tests. Consisting of only the advantageous aspects of a foundation and powder, its formula improves your skin’s elasticity and offers  a healthy glow.

>> Subtle Or Elaborate

Choosing colors that are either subtle or elaborate will help you have asuccessful makeup. Elaborate lip colors include red and subtle colors means using a tint to create a gradation effect. It is also important not to forget to use a highlighter to create a fuller lip.

Add volume to your lips by using NARS Highlighting Blush Powder ‘Miss Liberty’. It not only brightens your skin tone but also adds subtle glow on your skin.

LANCOME Absolu rouge Definition ‘Matilda Red’ is vibrant red lipstick that will create a fierce and chic look.  Vitalized and moisturized lips can be expressed by using the L’Oreal Paris L’Extraordinarie Lacquer ‘Coral Encore’ by creating your lips  as clear and shiny as a glass. (photo by: Chosungah22, DIOR, NARS, LANCOME, L’Oreal Paris Official Homepage, bntnews DB)