Take Selfies Korean Style


That my friends, is what the word ‘selfie’ means, according to the Oxford Dictionary. Selfies have become an important part of our days, whether we realize it or not. We see at least one selfie daily on our social media timelines and probably take more. You might see selfie taking as something easily done for fun but you would be surprised at how much technicality goes into taking the perfect selfie.

For those of us who love all things Korean, we know that selfies are called selcas, which is gotten from the two English words- self and camera. Everyone takes selcas these days, we all see at least one selca on our social media pages in a day.

Important tip:  Selfies aren’t that hard to take and Irene from Byrdie.com tells us that to get the perfect selfie, “natural lighting is key”. Natural light is the best filter slash photo editor you can ever have.


Makeup Looks That Are Perfect for Selcas

Winged liners

Winged liners make your eyes pop in pictures. You can go with pinkish lips or whatever colour you choose.

Smokey in Nude

Use nude brown tones to create a subtle smokey eye, you can also use bronzers to warm up your skin. Finish off with a pastel lip colour. Song Ji Hyo from Running Man, rocks this look perfectly in her selfies, and it works for her every time!

Bold Lips

If you really want to grab the attention of the camera, wear a bold lip colour. It immediately makes everything else pop. Make sure you pair it with strong brows, they go perfectly well together.


With the perfect lighting, you can appear most radiant in your selfies with a bare face. It’s a way to express confidence in your looks.


Selfie Poses You Should Try

The hand to the Cheek

The palm laying on the side of the cheek is a classic selca pose. In the picture, it would give the face a slimmer look. You can also do it with both hands, but then you need to take that selfie yeah?

 Puffed Cheeks

This pose became very common and for a good reason- you instantly get ten times cuter. Just push air into your cheeks, laugh with your eyes and click!

The Wink

Wink at the camera, you look cute and seductive at the same time.


When you take several selfies and can’t decide on which one to post…just post all of them! You can use photo editors to make collages and add as many pictures as you want.


If you want your selfies to stand out, you can go a step further by editing them. There are awesome free and premium applications you can use to do this on your phone like Camera360. Photowonder, Instasize (to resize your Instagram pictures), PicsArt and so many others!


Enhance your selfie with some of Song Ji Hyo’s eye shadow palettes at MIK! (Go for smokey eyes!)