Taemin Unveils His First Official Album


[by Kim Young Shin] SHINee Taemin’s new songs will finally be revealed.

His first official album ‘Press It’ will be available in major online music stores from February 23 at midnight. Also, the music video of the title song ‘Press Your Number’ will be uploaded on his official website, SMTOWN’s Vyrl account and YouTube channel.

Hit-makers from in and out of Korea participated in making the album. They included Bruno Mars, Teddy Riley, The Stereotypes, LDN Noise, SHINee Jonghyun, Kenzie and G.Soul. Moreover, Taemin took part in writing lyrics of his songs.

The title song ‘Press Your Number’, an urban pop dance song, was composed by Bruno Mars and The Stereotypes and partly written by Taemin. An R&B ballad track ‘Already’ was collaborated work of SHINee Jonghyun, SM Entertainment’s representative singer-songwriter, and Teddy Riley. Taemin wrote the song ‘Soldier’ to go with his performance, which he designed himself.

‘Drip Drop’ is R&B based future bass music with groovy drums and synthesizer which harmonize to create mysterious mood. There is also dance music ‘Guess Who’ which has powerful rhythm generated from electronic guitar sound and other instruments. ‘One By One’ is also expected to draw the attention from music lovers with its lyrics which compares the lover to a mirage and the refined and arcane atmosphere of the melody.

Additionally, the album carries ‘Mystery Lover’, a dance track with dreamlike tunes from the sound of music box and rich chorus; Euro-pop dance music ‘Sexuality’ which highlights the singer’s appealing and restrained voice; ‘Until Today’, an R&B with sentimental mood of breaking up and ‘Hypnosis’, a ballad track marked by its narrating tone. The ten tracks sufficiently deliver the singer’s diverse charms.

Moreover, the music video of ‘Press Your Number’ was fully filmed in Los Angeles in the United States. The up-scale music video, along with the performance video of ‘Drip Drop’ released on February 22, was much anticipated from his fans.

Taemin will uncover the highlights of seven tracks from his new album through his website and other channels. It will consist of the medley of the songs as well as the singer’s marvelous dance performance.

Meanwhile, the singer will present his first official album press it on February 22, to media at 3pm and to his fans at 7pm KST. (photo by SM Entertainment)

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