Taeanhaean National Park (태안해안국립공원)

Taeanhaean National ...
Taeanhaean National Park
Taeanhaean National Park (태안해안국립공원) consists of about 130 islands around Anmyeondo Island (안면도) and Taean Peninsula (태안반도). Taean Peninsula (태안반도) has a picturesque landscape with beautiful beaches, rock formations, mountain peaks and sea cliffs. The area (328.99㎢) was designated as a national park in October, 1978, and at present, nearly 250 different species of plants grow within its boundaries.

* Cultural Heritage
Okpa Lee Jong-il Birthplace (Chunghongak), Rock-carved Buddha Triad in Taean, Heungjusa Temple (Heungjusa Three-story stone pagoda), Baekhwasanseong Fortress, Anheungseong, Seated Stone Seokgayeorae Statue in Mongsan-ri, Five-story stone pagoda in Nammun-ri

* Sightseeing and cultural festivals
Sinduri Coastal Sand Dune (Natural Monument), Cheollipo Arboretum, Hwangdobunggi Pungeoje Festival, Jumbo Shrimp Festival, Cheonsuman Migratory Bird Habitat, Anmyeon-do International Flower Exhibition

* Spring wild flower blooming season and location
Gaenmetkkot / Blooming: Late April / Location: the area of costal dune

Korea National Park Service of Korea, Taean Haean Office
Mountain Not Access Period
Fire Prevention Period: February 1-May 15, 2015
* Subject to change depending on weather conditions so please refer to the official website before visiting.
Tour Course Information
* Taean Beach Road
– Bara-gil: Hakampo– Sinduri (Length: 12km / Duration: about 4 hours)
– Sowon-gil: Sinduri – Mallipo (Length: 22km / Duration: about 8 hours)
– Pado-gil: Mallpo – Padori (Length: 9km / Duration: about 3 hours)
– Solmoraet-gil: Mongsanpo – Deuneurihang (Length: 16km / Duration: about 4 hours)
– Noeul-gil: Baeksajanghang – Kkotji (Length: 12km / Duration: about 3 hours 40 minutes)
– Saetbyeol-gil: Kkotji – Hwangpohang (Length: 13km / Duration: about 4 hours)
– Baram-gil: Hwangpohang – Yeongmokhang (Length: 16km / Duration: about 5 hours)
– Cheonsa-gil: Sambong – Gijipo (Length: 1004m / Duration: about 40 minutes round-trip / includes a path for people with disabilities)Location: The area along the coast in Taeanhaean National Park (Wonbuk-myeon – Gonam-myeon in Taean-gun)
Length: Total 100km
Inquiry: Taeanhaean National Park Office: +82-41-672-9737~8
Wonbuk Office: +82-41-674-3224 (Bara-gil)
Sogeun Office: +82-41-673-1065 (Sowon-gil and Pado-gil)
Nammyeon Office: +82-41-674-2608 (Solmoraet-gil)
Anmyeondo Office: +82-41-673-1066 (Noeul-gil, Saetbyeol-gil, Baram-gil, Cheonsa-gil)
Parking Facilities
Available (Mongsanpo Parking lot)

※ Parking fees
[L] Low season 6,000 won / High season 7,500 won
[M] Low season 4,000 won / High season 5,000 won
[S] 2,000 won
※ Free: Regular shuttle buses (Not including monthly parking leasers)

Facility Utilization Fees
[Car camping site]
Low season 13,000 won / High season 16,000 won[Shower/Dressing room]
Adults 1,000 won / Students 700 won / Children 400 won
– From Seoul Nambu Terminal take a bus to Taean
(departures 30-50 minutes (06:40-20:00), 2 hour and 20 minute ride)
– From the Taean Express Bus Terminal take a bus to Hakampo (40 minute ride)>> Click here for more details about Taeanbus (Korean only)