‘Suzy vs Fan Bingbing vs Araki Yuko’ A Makeup Showdown between The Representative Beauties in Korea, China and Japan


[by Kim Yoon Jung/translated by Yanchingsally Chu] Talking about the latest popular celebrities, Suzy, Fan Bingbing and Araki Yuko are definitely on the list. They have received enormous popularity in their countries and show active performances in diverse fields.

They are all beauties but they have their unique colors. They might have similar facial features as they are all Asians, however, they give off different moods by the makeup styles. Focus here if you are curious about the on-trend makeup of the three countries. We’ve analyzed the makeup looks of the representative beauties in Korea, China and Japan.

Korea, Natural Makeup = Suzy

Suzy is certainly the most famous female celebrity in Korea. She participates in all activities from commercials, movies to dramas. She is influential to the extent that it is no exaggeration to say that Suzy’s look is the representative Korean makeup.

The key to the natural makeup emphasizing a smooth skin that is popular in Korea is expressing a naturally glowing skin. Draw your eyebrows, apply blush on your cheeks to restore your complexion and use a red lipstick to do gradation effect to complete your makeup. If you want to have defined eyes like that of Suzy, draw an eyeliner on the lash line and apply eyeshadow on the outer corner of your lids.

China, Defined Makeup = Fan Bingbing

All women who are interested in makeup would like to try the makeup of Fan Bingning. Her long eyeliners that further enlarge her eyes, tidy brows and lip makeup that focus on a distinct lip line are her signature styles.

Chinese women prefer intense and defined makeup looks. After doing matte and white base makeup, apply eyeshadow on your lids and under lash line, make your lashes lavish and draw an pointed eyeliner. Apply blush diagonally from your cheekbones to the chin to add definition for more sculpted face. Lastly, apply lipstick all over your lips to complete the look.

Japan, Cute Makeup = Araki Yuko

Araki Yuko is the rising model chosen by the fashion magazine non-no and has received huge popularity through participating in dramas and movies. Recently, she has grabbed people’s attention by wearing the ‘Drunk Makeup’ which is the on-trend makeup in Japan now.

‘Drunk Makeup’ is also called IGARI makeup and was designed by the artist Igari Shinobu. It gives a drunk feeling by adding a red shade under the eyes. Apply lip gloss for glossy lips and apply blush from the area right below the eyes to the area above the cheekbones. Prevent using pearly and dark colors.

Makeup Items of the Representative Beauties in Korea, China and Japan

01. Chosungah22 – Bounce up pact MASTER If you want to get the smooth and illuminating skin of the three beauties, take a look at Chosungah22 Bounce up Pact Master. It helps present elastic skin with a subtle glow while leaving a supple finish with its powder.

02. ESTEE LAUDER – Double Wear Zero-Smudge Liquid Eyeliner If you want to do charming eyeliner like that of Fan Bingbing, use ESTEE LAUDER Double Wear Zero-Smudge Liquid Eyeliner. It helps you to draw a defined eyeliner without smudging.

03. Lancôme – Blush Subtil 022 rose ballerina Lancôme’s blush is the recommended product for doing blush in a lovely way like that of Araki Yuko. Rose Ballerina is a natural cute pink shade that is highly pigmented.

04. The Face Shop – Face it lesson Artist Finger Gloss PK101 To have natural makeup like Suzy, use lip gloss. The Face Shop – Face it lesson Artist Finger Gloss PK101 is recommended as it has a tint-like saturated color and gives a moist finish.

(photo by chosungah22, ESTEE LAUDER, Lancôme, The Face Shop, Fan Bingbing’s weibo, Suzy. Araki Yuko’s Instagram, bntnews DB)

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