‘Superman’ William is going to be a big brother! [The Return of Superman]


William and Sam Hammington had their first encounter with someone very precious. It’s William‘s younger sibling!

On the last episode, William and his parents headed to the hospital. William saw his younger sibling for the first time through a sonogram. They could see his active movements and hear his heartbeat. The test results revealed that the child is healthy. Sam cried in tears of joy and relief. Since the second child came to them like a gift, they nicknamed “Ding-dong.”

Much attention has been drawn to the news of Sam‘s second child because of William‘s birth story. After failing artificial insemination twice, they failed in vitro procedures twice as well. On the third try of in vitro procedure, Sam‘s wife became pregnant, but she had a miscarriage. Then, like a miracle, baby angel William came to them. Their second child Ding-dong delivers hope and courage to the couples who want to have a child.

[The Return of Superman]

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