‘Superman’ Seungjae serves soy sauce coffee to Kim Jongmin, “Drink up!” [The Return of Superman]


Uncle Kim Jongmin pays a surprise visit to Seungjae’s house! Jongmin has to play with the energetic child all day!

Seungjae’s father, Jiyong, asks Jongmin to take care of Seungjae and leaves the house. Seungjae’snot a shy boy. He plays doctor, blanket car, etc. with Jongmin and has fun.

To thank Jongmin for playing with him, Seungjae offers to serve him “coffee.” But it turns out that it’s actually soy sauce, not coffee!

Once he tastes it, Jongmin says, “This isn’t coffee,” but Seungjae insists that it is coffee and that he needs to drink it up. How cute!

[The Return of Superman]

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