‘Superman’ Seol-Su-Dae’s first impression of Wanna One: Women & Aliens?! [The Return of Superman]


The children have a shocking first impression of JihoonDanielJisung of Wanna One.

On the upcoming episode of ‘The Return of Superman,’ Seol-Su-Dae meets Wanna One!

Hearts come out of Seola’s eyes when she sees the members. But she says that all of them look like women! It probably means that they all look so pretty.

Wanna One asks, “Which one of us looks like a man?” and Seol-Su-Dae, all three of them, point to Yoon JisungJisung is so happy that he hugs the children.

Meanwhile, Park Jihoon is in a tremendous shock when Sua tells him that he looks like an alien.

Can’t wait to see the cute chemistry between Wanna One uncles and Seol-Su-Dae!

[The Return of Superman]

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