‘Superman’ Dong Gook & 5 children model at a fashion show? [The Return of Superman]


On the upcoming episode of ‘The Return of Superman,’ the five siblings- Jaesi, Jaeah, Seola, Suaand Sian– participate in a fashion show that aims to help multicultural families.

Stills of Seola, Sua and Sian walking down the runway were revealed. Sua dominates the runway with a chic face, Seola appeals with a cute bunny pose, and Sian emits charisma with his trademark ‘cool Sian‘ pose.

Lee Dong Gook and his five children meet designer Lie Sang Bong and popular model Han Hyun Min to get their advice. Even though they’ve practice hard for the show, it’s not easy to walk in front of 500 people! On top of that, they have to change their clothes in just 3 minutes! The kids are so nervous.

Will Lee Dong Gook and the five siblings make a successful debut on the runway? In particular, Sian is said to have walked down the runway by himself. Let’s see how he did it!

[The Return of Superman]

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