Super Junior’s Kangin reportedly assaulted his girlfriend after drinking, police dispatched to the scene.



According to the poilice, the accident occured at a hostess bar in Nonhyeon-dong, Gangnam. These types of hostess bars are usually referred to as “room salons” in Korea. The victim claimed to be Kangin’s girlfriend at the scene, but her claim is not validated yet. Kangin was drunk at the time when police were dispatched, but he was not totally intoxicated. There seemed to have been a minor fight between Kangin and the victim, and since they made up with each other, the police let them return home.

Original article:

At around 4:30 a.m. on November 17, Gangnam branch of Seoul police received a report that “Kangin is drunk and assaulting his girlfriend” at a bar and were dispatched to the scene.

However, as the victim did not want to press charges against Kangin, he was separated from his girlfriend and later released with a warning without official charges. According to the police, the victim claimed to be Kangin‘s girlfriend. Assault is not punishable by law against the will of the victim.

SJ Label stated that they are looking into the issue.

Kangin was fined in 2009 for driving under influence twice.