Sung Hoon In For A New Kind Of Romance


[by Ent Team] Sung Hoon has been casted to interpret Chan Jin Wook, the male protagonist in upcoming drama series ‘My Secret Romance’.

‘My Secret Romance’ tells the story of sly Cha Jin Wook (Sung Hoon) and Lee Yoo Mi (no information on the casting yet) who meets three years after their first, unique, encounter: a one night stand. This comedy treats flirting and how romance can be created from fleshly memories.

In the drama series, Cha Jin Wook is a second generation chaebeol who isn’t really serious about relationships. But his meeting with the female protagonist of the show will change him. With physical advantages and a handsome face, Sung Hoon was perfect for the role.

Last year, the actor played CEO Kang Hoon in web series ‘Noble, My Love’. His acting was highly praised by the audience. This year, he also gained popularity amongst cinema lovers in movie ‘Five Enough’, in which he played pro golfer Kim Sang Min.

Known for a perfect immersion into his characters’ lives, Sung Hoon will, this time again, satisfy the public with great acting.

Meanwhile, the filming of ‘My Secret Romance’ will kick off very soon. (photo by stallion entertainment)